YES! This Black Trump Supporter Shatters The Liberal Storyline With One Well Placed Sentence!

Donald Trump supporters come from all walks of life. We are doctors, lawyers, waitresses, journalists….every walk of life. We are also every race of people….Which is what pisses the liberal media off. They HATE it when they hear that someone that is considered a minority is a Trump supporter because it shatters their whole story. It’s like when you hear someone telling a joke and you shout out the punchline…

A CNN panel to discuss comments Donald Trump made regarding race turned into a verbal fight. One Black Trump supporter did not back down, however.

trump supporter

Youre trying to act like youre not aware of the racial climate in America! the supporter exclaimed.

The context of this heated argument was once again because of the media twisting something Trump said. Naturally, liberals read into it and got offended.

However, as the black pastor and Trump supporter noted, how is this any different than when Hillary said she carries hot sauce in her purse?

It is interesting this black pastor brings up the racial climate, because this is yet another example of political correctness run amok. He listed a number of different terms for African-American individuals that would now be considered offensive.

The one position I’ve always taken has and will always remain the same: the ones who are the real racists in this country are the ones who continue to read into things and engage in race-baiting.

Unlike some other candidates who will pander to minorities for their vote, Donald Trump truly does care about people. When he discusses securing the borders, he is winning over the many Hispanics that came here the LEGAL way. When he discusses veterans’ rights, he is gaining the support of the many black soldiers who faithfully served our country.


I find it patently offensive when liberals constantly cry “racism” at the drop of a hat. However, real, logical African-Americans such as this black pastor know racism when they see it. They support Trump because they know he is the best choice for our country.

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