Wow! The Donald Could Have Gone Professional In This Great American Sport!

I always find it fascinating when you find out that people that became successes in one field were also great in another thing but just decided to take a different path.

Donald Trump is a man of many talents. He’s made billions in real estate transactions. He’s the first person to win either party’s nomination in 76 years whose experience is wholly from the private sector. He’s a pro at reality TV.


But did you also know that Trump was a brilliant athlete? It’s true. In fact, a profile in The Washington Post revealed that he was so good as a baseball player he could have gone pro.

“By sixth grade, Donald’s power as a right-handed hitter was enough that fielders shifted to left field when he batted,” the profile read.

“‘If he had hit the ball to right, he could’ve had a home run because no one was there,’ said Nicholas Kass, a schoolmate. ‘But he always wanted to hit the ball through people. He wanted to overpower them.’”

Very typically Trump.

“A catcher, Trump’s uniform was often the dirtiest on the field, and he shrugged off foul balls clanging off his mask. After once making an out, Donald smashed neighbor Jeff Bier’s Adirondack bat on the pavement. The bat cracked, Bier said, but Trump did not apologize.”

It’s worth pointing out that a catcher is usually the player who calls the pitches that the pitcher throws. Even at a young age, The Donald was already calling the shots, even if it was just from behind home plate.

I’m glad that the Post decided to include a story about a bat cracking, though. Apparently, stuff you did in sixth grade can still be run through the liberal media filter.

Donald Trump as a pro catcher would have been interesting. Given his personality, I would say he would have played for the Yankees. Of course, if that were the case, he probably would have bought out Steinbrenner within a few years.

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