Will Obama’s Sick Plan For Martial Law Come To A Head In Cleveland?

I am very nervous for a lot of the people in Ohio for the Republican National Convention right now. Extremely nervous. The reason is that so many top party officials are in the same place at the same time. It would be nothing for Obama to flick is wrist and have them all arrested..We have witnessed the violence at many Trump rallies across the country, perpetrated by Obama’s BLM since his Presidential campaign began. The radical group the New Black Panther Party is also heavily involved in spreading violence and disruption around the nation as well, especially since the Ferguson riots in response to the police shooting of Michael Brown in 2014.

Both BLM and the New Black Panther Party promise violence and disruption at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.


What many do not realize is, thousands of bikers from all areas of the country will also be at the RNC in support of Trump and to protect his supporters, all during the time of the convention. The combination of BLM, NBPP, and thousands of bikers, plus thousands of people both in support of and against the nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican Presidential nominee is a perfect recipe for a citywide war in Cleveland.

In my opinion, the prospect for an all-out war in Cleveland during the RNC is as great as the possibility of the US going to war after the 9-11 attacks. If such violence does occur, we will see the first example of martial law being declared for all areas of the metro Cleveland area and possibly the entire state of Ohio, depending on the geographical extent of the violence.

Such rioting may also erupt in many areas of the nation as well in support of the fighting factions in Cleveland.

This would play out perfectly with Obama’s will in having to declare martial law everywhere in the country thus, suspending the Presidential elections indefinitely, giving him the opportunity to stay in power.

Obama has been frantically trying to stir up racial dissent in the US via the government controlled media since the Trayvon Martin shooting incident in 2012.

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