Who Alec Baldwin Says Told Him Trump Should Be Impeached Is An Insult To Every God Loving Christian…

Alec Baldwin is gutless….there, I said it. I’m glad I said that where people could see it. However, it’s not like that’s some information that you guys didn’t already know.

This whole thing where he is blindly going after the President is absolutely sickening.

A lot of people out there think Alec Baldwin does a good job impersonating Trump.

I don’t get it. In fact, I WAS a die-hard SNL fan and I haven’t laughed at that show in a couple decades. Even the Spicer impersonation from Melissa McCarthy. I don’t see why people like that. Regardless, SNL has been killing it in the ratings and it has clearly made Alec Baldwin feel good about himself.

Why else would he say this…”I talked with God today. He told me he wants us to impeach Trump.”

 Oh so now God wants to impeach Trump over the completely made up Russia controversy? Got it. Does this guy live inside a bubble?
 I wonder what God thinks about this.


Maybe worry about your own life before you go around making the claim that God cares about the American political process.

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