WATCH: We’ve Found Video From Last Year Of Hillary’s Debate Prep And Boy Is Is Awkward….

When you see someone practicing something, it will often look as if it is running at half speed from the way it is supposed to go in real life. For example, anyone that has seen the rehearsal of a play will note that it might take what seems like forever to get things down. When you’re running for President, there are some things that you shouldn’t have to rehearse. VIDEO BELOW…

Democrats seem to be stuck in last year. While Republicans control the House, Senate and White House, the left is apparently still pretending that the previous election never happened — and a newly released video shows that they are still truly in denial.

The video was posted to Twitter by Philippe Reines, a former adviser to Hillary Clinton. According to Reines, the clip was taken during September of 2016 during Hillary’s preparation to debate Donald Trump.

Reines acted as Trump, standing in for the Republican candidate so that Clinton could practice her responses before the important event. In addition to focusing on policy details and communication, however, the Democrat team apparently believed that they had to physically defend against Trump himself.

“Not easy to avoid the unwanted Trump hug, sometimes it even takes practice,” Reines wrote.

That’s right: He and Hillary Clinton apparently drilled techniques to avoid an oh-so-threatening hug from the famous billionaire. While acting as Trump in the video, the adviser moved toward  Clinton with his arms open as if inviting an embrace. Clinton deftly dodges the hug but continues to be “chased” by the Trump stand-in.

 It’s admittedly hard to believe unless you see it with your own eyes:  The pantomime was apparently so brilliant to Democrat staff members that it made a lasting impression. Philippe Reines — whose Twitter page bizarrely shows him still pretending to be Trump — called the clip “a favorite moment from debate prep.”

Apparently preparing to actually win was not high on the list. Not to be outdone, 2016 Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill responded to the video. “This is hysterical,” he posted.

What seems truly hysterical is how shockingly arrogant and out of touch the entire Clinton team appeared to be.

Instead of prancing around a stage pretending to be hugged by Donald Trump, maybe Hillary Clinton could have spent that time doing some real preparation or light reading. “Email Security for Dummies” comes to mind.

While it’s easy to dismiss the video as just a one-time gag, the clip is an example of the attitude that helped Clinton lose the election. She and her team saw Trump only as a joke, while the voters took him seriously.

Instead of communicating a clear message to voters, Hillary Clinton simply assumed she would win. It was pre-ordained. She was next in line.

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