VIDEO: This Reporter Has Had Enough Of The Tech Difficulties And Totally Loses His Cool!

If I were to ever work in television, the job I would least like to have would be the producer of a local news broadcast.

There are just so many things that can go wrong doing a live telecast every single day of the year.

Doug Fernandez, New Mexico-area television host, completely gave up on trying to report the news after not one, but two live technical difficulties interrupted his briefing.

During Wednesday’s airing of KOAT-TV news, Fernandez attempted to report on the breaking news of a double shooting when the live link failed to load.

Fernandez handled the awkward transition masterfully, but after he began to transition to the next segment, the live feed kicked in.

After showing just a second or two of the live footage from the scene of the crime, the cameras then cut back to Fernandez, who had his script in hand.

Fernandez, clearly disgusted with the way the segment had turned out, threw the script up in the air and walked off set.

At the time of this writing, the video of the on-air snafu has amassed nearly 900k views and is the #17 trending video on YouTube.

See Fernandez completely give up in the video below.