VIDEO: Rachel Maddow Went On Colbert’s Crapfest And Went Full Tilt Loony About Impeachment..

I have never fully understood the tactics of those in the mainstream media, and I imagine if I actually tried to I would have to take an aspirin and lie down.

MSNBC’s most extreme liberal lunatic Rachel Maddow went on Stephen Colbert’s show and predicted that the GOP would vote to impeach President Trump. She predicted that evidence will magically appear to connect President Trump with Russia and all the members of the GOP will vote to impeach him. Yeah, she’s crazy.

“He can’t go on trial for obstruction of justice but he could be put on an impeachment trial by the House and the Senate. But do you think there is any chance that would happen if the Democrats do not get back the House and the Senate?” said Colbert.

“If it’s proven that, lets say, the Department of Justice inspector general or the FBI itself determines that the FBI director was fired and other actions were taken to impede that investigation into the president and his campaign because he wanted that investigation to be knocked off course — it is hard for me to believe that Republicans would not rise above their party in that instance,” said Maddow.

“I believe that — and I want to believe that,” she said. .

 “I think that people, when confronted with real issues of national interest, that people do the right thing,” said Maddow. If only she cared enough about the good of the country to speak out against Islamic terrorism. Check out the video below.

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