VIDEO: Liberals Even Got Tired Of Hearing Maxine Waters Talk…What They Did Is Hilarious…

Maxine Waters is the drunk best man at a wedding reception that wants to keep giving the speech long after it’s been acceptable for them to talk. She rambles on and on and even with the people that tend to agree with her whacked out line of thinking; they’re even beginning to get tired of her crap.

Maxine Waters is in a neck and neck race with Nancy Pelosi to figure out who can be the craziest liberal in Congress. You have to give the edge to Waters considering the fact she routinely calls for Trump’s impeachment while Nancy Pelosi gets a little weirded out by that subject.

Maxine Waters was in California speaking to an African-American American Caucus meeting and her mic got cut off for some reason. Apparently, no one is sure who cut her mic.

From Los Angeles Times: The head of the California Democratic Party African American Caucus said Monday he was working with state party officials to determine who was responsible for cutting off the sound to U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters’ microphone as she spoke to the group at the party’s convention on Saturday.

“This is a very unusual situation, and we are collectively trying to figure out a path forward to address what happened and make sure these things do not happen in the future,” Caucus Chairman Darren Parker said.

Democrats are going to be in big trouble at the ballot box if they keep it up with this impeachment stuff. Do you think Waters even knows how the impeachment process works? Does she realize you need control of Congress to get that done?

Who knows if this was a technical issue or if someone in the Caucus thought it was time to wrap it up but one thing is for sure… Maxine Waters needs to go.

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