VIDEO: GROSS THUGS Tried To Ruin A Soldier’s Funeral, But Some Bikers Had His Back!

I want to talk for a moment about your average run of the mill biker. I am not talking about the stereotypical owner of a motorcycle that the uninformed look at and assume is in a biker gang.

I am talking about your honest, hardwokring biker that while they might be a little rough around the edges are the kindest and most giving people I ever saw in my life.

One year, when visiting some relatives in Chicago a couple of decades ago I saw going down a busy street, one of the main streets in that area to be perfectly honest; what seemed like a thousand people on a thousand Harleys. As it turns out, it was a fundraiser of sorts for sick children. People never talk about things like that, they always want to talk about the few bad.

They never want to talk about the men and women of the biking community that guide servicemen home from the airport to their homes. They never talk about that.

A good many people who ride motorcycles are veterans, and they know that one day they are going to want someone to send them to their reward in a dignified manner; and not have someone with a ridiculous chip on their shoulder ruin that moment.

Under President Barack Obama, we’d seen a growing sentiment of disrespect toward men and women in uniform, who wake up every day and protect our country.

This animosity expands beyond conflicts with police.

 In the video below, a group of Westboro Baptists protesters attempt to ruin the funeral of an American hero who was killed while serving his country in the Middle East.

They clearly did not expect to run into this group of veterans, who were determined to ensure the fallen Marine got the ceremony he deserved.

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