Trump Was Right: Bernie Was Hillary’s PUPPET!

There is a big part of me that thinnks that Bernie Sanders so willingly capitulating to Hillary Clinton over the nomination leads to the notion that there is much more to the story. If you look at the Republican nominees during primary season you can see that Donald Trump had to slay several dragons to get the nomination. Until Bernie entered the mix, Killary was up for nomination virtually unopposed. Let’s face it, it would have been bad for Hillary politically if she had the appearance of the nomination being handed to her. So in walks a little old man from Vermont to challenge her……

At this point of the Democratic Convention there are two narratives about the Bernie Sanders phenomenon which are emerging.  Both of these have legs and will eventually trample all over the Bern and his legacy if he does not watch out.

The first one is that he has been outright bought by the Clintonistas and that he is now transparently betraying his base of supporters.  He’s not even a Democrat throughout most of his political career so why would he throw it all away, except that he received an offer he simply couldn’t refuse from the Clinton Crime Family.


The second narrative is that he played a quite willing role during this campaign season to corral all the real progressives, ultra-liberals, left wingers, socialists-at-heart, dyed-in-the-wool communists and true Democrats into a pen of support for the Clinton ticket. Of course, this plot, if it is true, would constitute a betrayal of a much higher order.

Then there is a scenario that stands between these two.  This hybrid scenario includes an infinite number of permutations but still ends with the very same conclusion: a deliberate betrayal of his base.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 5.38.04 PM


Now, here are the HuffPo headlines which portray the real Bernie.  Pictures do express a thousand words … and even more sometimes, as they do here.

Can you believe that Bernie actually:

Warns Supporters: ‘Our Credibility As A Movement Will Be Damaged’

As if he hasn’t already shredded his own credibility by throwing his support to Comrade Clinton.  What sheer audacity!  Even after all the email evidence of real DNC conspiracy, which has since gone global and depicts without question the plot to deprive him of his Democratic right to seek the party’s nomination, he still backs her!?!?!?

The recklessness of this betrayal and/or cowardice to stand up for the principle that he fought long and hard for are both stunning and shocking, unparalleled and unbelievable.

Yes, you would expect this behavior from a typical Beltway politician.  That’s what they do. Bernie never presented such a repulsive profile, so it’s difficult to apprehend the profundity of this naked betrayal.

Perhaps he was really telling his fans and devotees all along that YOU are really gonna:“Feel the Bern”

We get it Bernie.  Most of us had nothing to do with your Pied Piper campaign, and yet we are feeling their Bern … BIG TIME!

In view of this real-time, in-your-face, prime-time betrayal, there can only be one response by the millions of Berniacs nationwide.  Make Bernie, and particularly his Democratic co-conspirators, really “Feel the Bern”.

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