WOW: Trump Did Something So Classy EVEN CNN Had To Commend Him For It

They always say that a broken clock is right twice a day. Well, CNN just used up one of those. Now, it’s damn near a miracle that CNN praised the President for something….but it happened.

The ceremony and tradition of the military is something that I always found fascinating. I remember going to a recreation of an old army fort from the early 1800s and seeing the way they would perform some of the ceremonial duties and would find it just awe inspiring. Hell, in my own experience when I went through basic training many years ago and saw the way that they did the rifle drills for example. That stuff is amazing.

But as far as your everyday things go, you have the awesome notion of whenever the President arrives somewhere there is ALWAYS a Marine there to salute him. It must be a duty that Marines would fight a grizzly bear over.

Following the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, President Trump stopped to pick up a Marine’s hat that blew off twice on his way to board Marine One at Joint Base Andrews on Saturday.

Trump noticed the Marine’s dress hat blew off and bent over to pick it up, placing it back on his head while giving him an affectionate pat on the arm.

It is refreshing to have a president who shows the utmost respect for our military. In contrast, Obama was caught on video forgetting to salute a Marine while boarding Marine One and infamously ordered a Marine to hold an umbrella over his head during a speech in 2013.

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