This Democratic Candidate Was CAUGHT Driving A STOLEN Vehicle…His Reason For The Arrest Is Laughable!

Several years ago, I was visiting a friend who lives in a large city and we went to this concert that was in a relatively busy part of town. The concert itself was about two or three hours long and afterwards we went back to the street to get his car. Only it wasn’t there. He looked for what seemed like forever and eventually reported it stolen. The next morning we went back to the area and turns out he had forgotten that he had actually parked the car one street over. Simple mistake, right? Anyway, he calls the cops and had to have them come out to release the car back to him because had he not done that he would have been pulled over for driving a stolen vehicle. Now, you know when you drive a stolen vehicle and then blame the cops for pulling you over because of your race? Yeah, me neither. Guess it’s a liberal thing. This is too good…

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 From Seattle Times:

Jesse Wineberry, a Democrat running for Congress in the 9th District, says he was racially profiled by Seattle police in a recent incident outside Safeco Field.

In a Thursday news conference, Wineberry also said some of his campaign signs have been destroyed and he received a racially charged phone call — all after a Seattle Times editorial mischaracterized a statement he made in an endorsement interview.

Wineberry said he was detained by police July 20 on suspicion of traveling alone in a stolen rental van.

After complying with orders to get out of the minivan, Wineberry said he was placed into handcuffs and read his Miranda rights. Cellphone video taken by a spectator and obtained by his campaign shows Wineberry standing outside the van and surrounded by five police officers while his wrists are placed into handcuffs.

Wineberry said the minivan had been reported stolen after a misunderstanding with the rental-car company. He said that unbeknown to him, his campaign staff had failed to extend the rental agreement for the van.

After being detained, Wineberry said police transported him to the department’s south precinct. He was released several hours later, after investigators “put two and two together,” he said. But before leaving the precinct, Wineberry said he filed a complaint against the department, alleging he was racially profiled.

“I think I was stopped because of the vehicle,” he said “I think the way I was treated was because I was African American.”

In a released statement, Seattle police said Wineberry was “uncooperative” during the traffic stop, adding that department officials are reviewing his allegations in keeping with its bias-free policing policies. Police released a dashboard-camera video of the incident Thursday night, though most of the action appears off camera.

Unfortunately, I think his chances of winning just increased.

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