The Real Reason Killary’s Nomination Is So Historic Has Been REVEALED!


Hillary Clinton is one of those people that just oozes sleaze. If this were the eighteen hundreds you could almost picture her standing at the back of a wagon selling magic tonic water that was really just paint thinner and crushed up aspirin.You think Hillary Clinton being nominated for president by a major political party is special because she’s the first female?

Wrong. Here’s the real reason. (and even liberals know it’s true) …

Hillary has lied to the American people for decades. She (more than likely) helped the Democratic National Committee rig the primaries in her favor. She left four men to die in Benghazi. She deleted classified information from her private email server. A double no-no.

She laughed in the face of a little girl who said she was raped when she was an attorney.


She won’t build on a wall on our southern border in order to keep criminals and drugs out of the nation, but has no problem with an enormous wall stretching around the Democratic National Convention to keep Americans away from her.

She has gotten away with everything.

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