The Media FREAKED OUT When They Heard President Trump WHISPER One Thing To Putin…..

Liberals tend to have a rather one track mind when it comes to the way that they think. If they aren’t in complete and total agreement on everything with someone that person may as well be dead to them. It’s terribly sad.This is President Donald Trump’s first-ever trip to the G20 meeting, and he has been driving the Media insane left-and-right.

However, possibly the BEST moment (and the worst for the MSM) is what Trump leaned into and said to Putin at the END of their meeting…

Trump leaned in and said “Sbasibo” – Thank You in Russian

Yep. A simple “Thank You.” But watch out…It’s in RUSSIAN! They have already been having a COW over him just telling Vladimir Putin he was “honored” to meet him.

Let’s get one thing straight, it’s common courtesy for a leader to tell their foreign counterpart it was an “honor” even if it was not. Hell, Putin told Trump he was “delighted” to meet him, does that make Putin a puppet of the Americans? Nope, didn’t think so.

Of course, the only proof they even have so far is the sound of an “s” and the mouthing of the word found at the WAY end of this RT video, one of the Kremlin’s main propaganda newspapers.

Like I said, the media going to try to have a field day with this, and that’s why America no longer trusts them.

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