States Ignoring Due Process And Going Ahead With Full On Gun Confiscation.

Every day, I take a quick glance at this copy of The Constitution that I have on my phone just in case the text of the Second Amendment has changed at all. You wouldn’t believe this but it has stayed exactly the same for hundreds of years.

The loopy state of Oregon, where residents may identity as “nonbinary” on their driver licenses or consume hardcore narcotics without the risk of being charged with a felony, descended further into insanity this week when Democrat Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill that allows for the confiscation of a gun owner’s firearms.

Known as SB 719, the bill permits either a law enforcement official or a family member to petition a local court for an “extreme risk protection order” prohibiting the gun owner from possessing firearms.

“The process begins when a family member or law enforcement officer petitions the court for such an order,” The Oregonian explained. “The (accuser) must support the request with a statement made under oath showing that the respondent poses a threat to themselves or others.”

The judge would then weigh this information, which could very well all be heresy, and use it to determine whether or not to essentially eliminate the gun owner’s Second Amendment rights and force him or her to surrender all firearms.

Worse, the process would be allowed to occur without the gun owner’s knowledge in what’s known as an ex parte hearing.

Even Snopes, a leftist fact-checking site, has admitted as much: “SB 719 does call for ex parte hearings, and the subject of an order cannot block it in the courts in advance, they can only apply to have it overturned afterwards.”

Oregon Republicans have reportedly already begun pushing for the bill’s repeal on the basis that it “calls for the forced confiscation of property by the police with no due process, no accusation of a crime let alone conviction of a crime,” as said by state Rep. Bill Post.

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action has also weighed in, noting that the “accused will not be afforded the chance to appear in court to defend themselves against the allegations.”

Correct on all counts. This bill pretty much abolishes due process — a core component of American law — for the sake of disarming someone who’s allegedly a threat to himself/herself and others. And there’s only one word that accurately describes this sort of unconstitutional insanity: tyranny.

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