People Found This Time Capsule From Paul Revere, What They Found Was Absolutely Amazing….

I remember when I was a kid, I planted a little time capsule in my parents’s backyard. I must have been ten or eleven. I remember I wrote some things in a little book, put it in a plastic bag along with a couple of toys and some things. My dad put it in a Thermos of all things and buried it. This was decades ago, and when my parents were getting ready to sell their house and move south they asked me if I remembered ever digging up the capsule.

I didn’t, so we went over and dug it up. My kids were astounded at what they found.

You know Paul Revere as the Founding Father who rode throughout the newly independent colonies warning the people that the British were coming. His name is the stuff of legends and has become a well-respected part of American history. Samuel Adams, the cousin of President John Adams, also made his mark on history as a leader in the rebellion against Britain and for his namesake brew still sold in stores today.

But at the end of last year, officials discovered a secret compartment in the corner of the Massachusetts State House. As they carefully removed the contents – which took a reported seven hours – they realized they held a piece of history that was more than 200-years old and harkened back to the dawn of the United States of America. After opening it up a few days later, archaeologists and researchers discovered that Paul Revere and Samuel Adams had planted the time capsule in the Massachusetts State House back in 1775. This was a link to the founding fathers of America…

During the unveiling, onlookers anxiously watched as researchers carefully removed the items from the time capsule buried in Boston centuries before. The process took about an hour and many were worried that the contents had not weathered well.

“Could we actually go through the whole box, or would things prove too fragile to take out?” said Malcolm Rogers, director of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. “It was like brain surgery, with history looking down on us.”

Pam Hatchfield was the expert who removed the contents of Paul Revere’s time capsule. She gasped and whispered “wow” as she removed every piece from the time capsulre for the museum.

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