One Picture Will Tell You All You Need To Know About A Sanders Supporter!

Wow, I mean you probably have a phone within arms reach at that very moment to tell you how to correctly spell…

Bernie Sanders’ supporters are the kindest, most down to earth, loving, caring people in America today – said a Bernie Sanders supporter (I’m assuming).

In reality, the socialist-loving crowd is actually the most violent and intolerant, but since the media loves the senator from Vermont his crowd gets a pass.

The real question, though, is can Sanders fans spell ‘Sanders?’

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 2.53.16 PM

Guess not.

Bernie Sandes? LOL.

I bet that kid can spell ‘free.’

 It’s a much shorter word.

Not as many letters to memorize.

But, Donald Trump’s supporters are the dumb ones, right? It’s stupid to want to seal off the border in order to stem the flow of illegals and drugs.

 Got it.
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