Narcissim Much? Guess How Many Times Obama Referred To Himself During That “Speech”


You know, the media likes to portray Donald Trump as nothing more than a self promoter. However, when you look at the way liberals are handling their business you can see that they are the most shameless attention whores you can ever run across.If you happened to miss Barack Obama’s speech at the third night of the Democratic National Convention, I have you covered here, here, and here.

Obama’s main talking point? Obama. It’s all about Obama.

 From Western Journalism:

In a Wednesday night speech designed to make the case for electing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama kept the focus firmly on himself.

Grabien News, in fact, kept count and totaled 119 times in the speech when Obama mentioned himself.

The point — that Obama’s policies would be continued if Americans elect Clinton — was not lost on America.

“Obama’s speech was more than mere words in support of Hillary,” Terry Jones wrote on Investor’s Business Daily. “It was, in some sense, the end of the active part of his presidency and the start of his full-time campaign on Hillary’s behalf. Why? Hillary’s first term will be Obama’s third.

More from Red State:

In a speech lasting 44 minutes, he referred to himself 119 times. Once every 22 seconds.

This, sadly, is close to par for the course. On Jan. 5th, 2016, he gave 33 minute speech on gun control and referred to himself 76 times. On October 1, 2015, he addressed the nation for 12 minutes on mass shooting and referred to himself 28 times. On January 27, 2015, he may have set a record. While giving a speech in India that lasted 33 minutes he referred to himself 118 times.


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