MSM Trying To HIDE This Video Of What Democrats REALLY Think Of Trump…

You know the old phrase “well someone didn’t get the memo”? Well, it seems that there are a lot of liberals politicians that while they are thankfully telling the truth that are going to be in some hot water with their whiny liberal colleagues because they have been going off script.

The left has been foaming at the mouth to get President Trump impeached since the day he entered the White House. Their main claim is that Trump and Russia have been in bed together for a long time.

The liberals are still at it, but they are leaving out one important detail. Hannity reported that the Democrats have already ADMITTED that there is no evidence that Trump and Russia ever worked together. Congress knows the truth, but they are playing politics instead.

If you listen to what the left is saying you have to laugh at how absurd they sound. The former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stated that they did not include ANY evidence in their report. If “collusion” between Trump and Russia were SO EVIDENT, why wouldn’t they offer one tiny shred of proof? The obvious answer is they are full of it.

On another occasion, a reporter asked the infamous Congresswoman Maxine Waters if she saw anything in intelligence briefings, or in general, that backs up the accusations regarding President Trump and Russia. Her response was telling. Waters replied, “No, we have not.” It doesn’t get any easier to understand than that.

The President called this scam a witch hunt on his Twitter feed, and we are inclined to agree. Liberals don’t like Trump, and they will lie, cheat, and steal to try and break him. They have failed MISERABLY. Everyone knows the truth.

Despite overwhelming evidence that they are lying, the left STILL continues to push their fake news story. How can you admit that you have no proof to back up your claim and then shout “BUT I KNOW IT’S TRUE!” Maybe in the land of left-wing make believe, but here you are a bunch of filthy liars.

The pure disbelief when Hillary lost the election was a treat to behold. They thought FOR SURE that they spread enough propaganda to get her into office. Luckily, the PATRIOTS of this country are smarter than that.

Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot. Could you see the right-wing media lying about Hillary in such bold ways? They would LOSE THEIR MINDS. There would be a complete social breakdown.

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