Masked NeverTrumper Makes Mockery Of Pro Wrestling And American Politics!

I am all for someone doing something for charity, but if you are going to be out there talking trash about presidential candidates you don’t dress up in a masked wrestlers outfit and start throwing some weak ass shots that couldn’t break an egg.


I mean just look at him for God’s sake! Did this charity event suddenly make more money because somebody got to see a shirtless Mitt Romney? Come on people, this guy was one step away from being president four years ago and now he is parading around doing this.

Of course, the inevitable argument will come up of “Oh, Donald Trump did WWE shows…” and my counter to that argument that what happened here is apples and cantaloupes. Romney dressed up like a six year old on Halloween and ran around like he either forgot to take or take too much of a particular medication.

Trump appeared in front of one of the largest crowds the WWE ever had wearing a business suit and basically stood there.

However, I guess there’s a lot of crap you can forgive when its done in the name of actual charity. Not the Clinton foundation type of charity..

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