Man Posing As Senator Just Tried To Make An Attempt On Ivanka Trump’s Life!

It must be a frustrating job at points being the President of the United States. You have literally everything that you can possibly think of on your plate. Added to that, you also have to worry about the security of your family.

Now, you cannot expect Donald Trump’s family to hole up in one house like this is the Middle Ages, and aside from that Ivanka has an extremely important role in the administration. What worries me is how the mainstream media practically ignores whenever an attempt is close to being made on the life of a member of the First Family…

It doesn’t seem like the threats to the GOP and to the Trump team are subsiding.

If anything, they appear to be increasing and getting worse. Scary stuff out of New York today.

From Free Beacon: A man from New York was arrested Thursday after trying to enter Trump Tower with a bulletproof vest and two knives and telling the Secret Service that he was a senator who needed to meet Ivanka Trump.

Not sure what this is, but definitely creepy. He also had a tied off sock with a weight in it, according to police. Sounds more stalker-like in this case, than leftist.

The New York Police Department says that Adames Benitez, a 52-year-old man from the Bronx, claimed to be there to discuss Trump’s clothing line, ABC reports. Benitez had a forged New York State identity card, and he faces charges for that as well as for criminal possession of a weapon.

On first blush, this appears more like a mentally unwell man. Of course, he would not have been able to reach Ivanka, as she is in Europe with her father.

So if he’s a stalker, he’s not a very intelligent one.

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