Liberal Media FORCED To Admit Trump Was Right On KEY Hillary Fact!

There are a hundred and sixty two games played by each team during one Major League Baseball season. After every single one of those games, the manager will come out and give a brief press conference talking about the game and the direction of the team. They do this after every single game, and if it isn’t every game it sure as heck is almost all of them. Now, that is for a game where grown men try to hit a ball with a stick. Nothing important like whose is going to be the leader of the free world or anything like that.

Donald Trump claimed during a press conference on Wednesday that Hillary Clinton has not held her own press conference in 235 days, which would put her last one on December 4, 2015, while she was in Iowa.


Trump’s claim appears to be true, according to the Washington Post. CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Clinton about this at the end of May. She responded that she had “done nearly 300 interviews just in 2016” and that it was “important to continue to speak to the press as I’m doing right now.”

In [Washington Post columnist Margaret] Sullivan’s view, that’s not enough. “She gets her message out in ways that are completely controlled,” she wrote. “But American citizens deserve better.”

The Post reported the last actual press conference Clinton held was the one in December. The article even included a time ticker since her last press conference, which just went up to 236 days and growing over the course of Wednesday hours after Trump’s press event. This figure means Clinton has not held a press conference in well over a half year.

Clinton has been interviewed and taken some questions from voters at rallies and during round table discussions, but not from members of the media.

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