LEAKED EMAIL Reveals Exactly How Deep The Hatred Hillary Has For The Obamas Is!

Hillary Clinton is someone that obviously will hold a grudge forever. She just doesn’t understand that there are times and places where if you don’t let something go for good, you put it on pause for a while.

Give you an example; for years my mother and one of my aunts were at odds with each other bad. Didn’t even speak. Then one day, we got notified that there was a death in the family. We all showed up at the funeral and as fate would have it they had to sit next to each other. They ended up crying and holding each other through the whole service.

The Obamas and the Clintons don’t like each other.  They haven’t for a very long time. That’s why it was kind of weird watching them campaign together like best friends in 2016.

But, it’s not that weird when you remember that Hillary is the literal definition of phony and the Obamas aren’t too far behind. Some more Hillary emails were revealed today and one of them contained a pretty awkward request from Hillary.

From Washington Examiner: Hillary Clinton asked a top aide in 2011 whether she could fly on a separate airplane from former first lady Michelle Obama to Betty Ford’s funeral, according to a newly released email.

“I’d be honored to speak,” Clinton said in reference to Betty Ford’s funeral. “Is it OK that we and Mrs. O take two separate planes?”

Oh, and the emails also reveal Hillary sending even more classified information through her private server according to this report. But hey, we all know that was no big deal right?

Hillary told us yesterday it was the “biggest nothing burger ever”.

No Hillary.  That title is reserved for your 2016 presidential campaign. If you haven’t caught Hillary’s interview from yesterday you have to watch it. She blamed everyone else for her loss, basically said flat out that the Trump Russia nonsense is true, and said her email coverage was like the coverage of Pearl Harbor.

It was a mind-boggling display of delusion.

You can watch it here:

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