KARMA! Following Dox/Rasslin/MemeGate, CNN’s iPhone App’s Rating Has PLUMMETED!

My son has this app on his phone where people can upload those memes and gifs, I think that’s what they are called, for people to look at and comment on. He was showing me some while we were waiting to get the car fixed the other day and some of them were absolutely hilarious.

Funny enough, that Trump meme of him clotheslining CNN was on there in a much shorter form than the one we’ve all been used to seeing. My son is in his teens and really doesn’t pay attention to the news all that much; but he does know when someone has a stick too far up their behind to be able to take a joke. He actually asked me why CNN can say anything it wants but one person says something about them they get all upset. All I could do was shake my head and tell him that it’s what little kids so.

Reddit users are getting their revenge against CNN in more ways than one, it seems. Since the cable “news” network threatened to dox a Reddit user, the CNN smartphone app on Apple’s app store has plummeted to a one-star rating!

Daily Caller has the hilarious story: Out of 3,215 total ratings awarded to the CNN on the app store, 3,063 of them were one-star ratings. Angry users flooded the app with negative ratings on Wednesday and Thursday, with many of them outraged over CNN’s coverage of Reddit user HanAs.

Users were merciless against the one-time cable news leader.

“CNN is a tabloid masquerading as a legitimate news organization. Its ‘reports’ are littered with opinion, and it spends too much time trying to convince its readers/viewers what they should think instead of simply keeping them informed about what is happening in the world (and letting them make up their own minds),” one of the thousands of one-star reviews stated. “Thus far I have had no trouble accessing the biased filth I have come to expect from this once-proud organization. It’s a bit like having a waiter on-hand to feed me all the pig excrement I can eat: the service is nice, but the product is horrible.”

Another reviewer wished there were “negative stars” to award CNN.

“If I could give negative stars, I would. What used to be a respectable, if not left leaning news source has become as far left as Breitbart is far right. It’s become a satire of itself and of journalism as a profession. I’m glad the world can finally see CNN for the circus show it’s become.”

Even more reviewers showed that the network’s attempt to blackmail a Reddit user was their primary reason for speaking out in a “review.”

“They had no right to do what they did over something as silly as a meme. You have gone too far this time, to attack a mere meme farmer for a simple joke? Pathetic.”

DC went on saying: Another reviewer noted the network’s “campaign to gag a person on Reddit through threats of DOXING for posting a meme,” adding: “They are a shadow of their former glory and are now activists, not journalists.”

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