HA! Donald Trump Has Finally Found A Useful Purpose For Hillary Clinton!

Everyone has a use in this world. Even if they are useful in ways that they never imagined or wanted to be useful…

Donald Trump said Thursday night that Hillary Clinton ‘has to go to jail’ for her actions in a classified email scandal that has dogged her for the entire year she’s been a presidential candidate.
The Democratic Party’s front-runner delivered a blistering speech earlier in the day that was billed ass a foreign policy address but ended up as a lengthy indictment of Trump as an uncontrollable risk to national security.
Trump, the Republicans’ presumptive nominee, called it ‘a phony hit job,’ and announced that ‘she’s guilty as hell.’
He spoke for an hour in San Jose, California, alternating between clobbering Clinton as a morally compromised candidate and berating her for being too boring to watch.
‘I watched Hillary’s thing today, which was hard,’ he said. ‘It was like taking Sominex. To watch her is like Sominex.’

‘Did you ever hear of Sominex? Sleep all night. Bing!’ he said, assuming a sleeping posture with his hands next to his head.
‘It’s hard to stay awake when you’re – you know, I’m not a great sleeper. I think she could make more money if she made speeches and sold them for people that can’t sleep.’

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