HA! A Trucker Put A Picture Of Obama On The Back Of His Truck That Will FLOOR You Laughing!

Some of the greatest advice I ever got in my life was from a long haul trucker.

This guy was a friend of the family we called Big Rick and would often do runs that would go a thousand miles on a regular basis.

He had been a driver for at least twenty years when I first knew him and he had more sense about him than anyone I ever met. He’s the reason I keep a coffee can and a candle in my car to this day, because he told me to do it once and when I needed it…it kept me from freezing to death.

Obama screwed a lot with truckers, and now that he is no longer in the seat of power they can finally tell people how they feel without fear of some kind of government reprisal.

Now this is something you don’t see every day. This picture of President Obama is going viral.

It’s becoming abundantly clear that Obama is not afraid to spew lies and manipulate the American public whenever he sees fit. Now, one Trucker is clearly tired of hearing his cr*p.

In an act of rebellion, the Trucker had the genius idea of putting Obama’s face right over the cr*p hole of his sewage/septic tank transporter.

This is the result:

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