Geraldo Has Had Enough, Rips Liberals New One For Slamming Trump’s Massive Harvey Donation

One thing that I have noticed that has sprung out of the tragedy that was Hurricane Harvey is the way that so many people have come together. It’s truly heartwarming.

On the other hand, never being ones to let a good tragedy go to waste, liberals are using every possible thing that they can cobble together to try and discredit the President.

First, you had this bullcrap about the First Lady’s shoes, which I guarantee you nobody in Houston gave a damn about. The second one was this rumbling that I heard about how liberals and the anti Trump folk in general were pissing themselves in anger about how Donald Trump didn’t get to Houston sooner.

Well, it’s not that simple. See, the President moving anywhere int he world that is not in the White House is practically a military operation with multiple layer of logistics involved that all have to work perfectly within each other. It’s not like you or I going to the grocery store at nine at night when we suddenly realize we’re out of ice cream.

They have to make sure in advance that everything is safe. Hell, if you look at what happened on September 11, 2001 you’ll see another example of this. President Bush wanted to go back to Washington and his own people told him no. Its not often someone gets to tell the President no for any reason and they happen to be in the right. My point here, is that it simply was not safe for Bush to go back to DC and it probably wasn’t safe for Trump to go to Houston any sooner than he did.

Trump told us this week he would donate a million dollars to Harvey relief.

Every rational American was thrilled and very thankful their president would do such a kind thing. The liberal left attacked Trump because of course they did.

Apparently, they would have preferred he not donate any money at all. Or perhaps every dollar he has? Who knows.

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera isn’t pleased with the liberal response.

From The Daily Caller: Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera is “dismayed” by those who have questioned President Donald Trump’s generosity after he pledged $1 million of his own money to the Harvey relief fund.

“I was very dismayed that people are looking at his generosity and his compassion so skeptically,” Rivera told “Fox and Friends” Friday. “There has been some questions in the past on whether he timely, in a timely fashion honored his commitments. He always gets around to it. In this case, I certainly take him and Melania at their word. I’m glad they went to Texas, I’m glad they’re going back to Texas. And the fact that he’s pledging a million bucks, just congratulate him for his compassion rather than view something, an act of such kindness with a slanted view.”


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