Fox News Is Sending Sean Hannity On Vacation…

It seems that brick by brick, the mainstream media is trying to overtake everything that we hold dear and silence every conservative voice…Over the past several months, Fox News has had a severe shake-up. With some people, like Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Sustern, leaving voluntarily, and others like Bill O’Reilly and Bob Beckel not so voluntarily, it’s been a rough patch.

Add to that, the former head of FOX, Roger Ailes leaving last year and then dying this past week. The ratings have suffered as well, with Fox crashing into third place, behind MSNBC and CNN for the first time in 17 years. Now there may be even more trouble on the horizon.

One of the powerhouses left at Fox, Sean Hannity, is claiming there is an effort by Media Matters and other to get him out at Fox. Bill O’Reilly claimed the same thing.

And there is support for the contention, as Media Matters and others have shared a list of the show’s advertisers, encouraging liberals to call them and ask for Hannity to be fired.

Additionally, Hannity has been reporting on the case of Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who was murdered on the streets of D.C. On Tuesday, Fox retracted its reporting on the case that suggested Rich was connected to Wikileaks and that the police investigation of his murder may have been deliberately slowed. Hannity disagreed with that position and has said he is not retracting any comments he has made on the case. But he said that he would be quiet “for now” to respect the wishes for the parents of Seth Rich, whose spokesman has said they are disturbed by the speculation.

Today, Fox said Hannity was going on “vacation” for the next several days.

From Free Beacon: “Like the rest of the country, Sean Hannity is taking a vacation for Memorial Day weekend and will be back on Tuesday. Those who suggest otherwise are going to look foolish,” the statement reads.

Hannity’s vacation was originally announced by Kimberly Guilfoyle on Wednesday night when she told viewers of “The Five” she would be filling in during his absence.

Of course, one of the reasons people speculate, is because the deadly ‘vacation’ seems to proceed the people about to get the ax at Fox.

The last person was O’Reilly, who went on ‘vacation’ before he was fired.

It would seem unwise to can Hannity when Fox has already lost so many people. They’re already suffering such a huge hit to ratings, they might not survive more.

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