Emperor Soros Just Dumped HOW MUCH Into Hillary’s War Chest?

George Soros is an evil bastard. There, I know everyone was thinking it but somebody just had to come out and say it. I mean who in the hell pays people to riot unless they have got some evil intentions on the brain?

Shocker! George Soros the Jewish Hungarian billionaire that has his fingers in every available cookie jar is back at it again with his liberal shenanigans and behind-the-scenes-corruption.  If you are somehow left unfamiliar with the Wizard of Oz’s evil cousin, you might remember him from the time he dumped $27 million into a John Kerry supporting PAC back in 2004.  Or, maybe you remember him sinking millions of dollars into Ferguson investments — no not investments to rebuild the infrastructure of Ferguson, but to burn it down in riots.


Well, he’s back.  As a purveyor of all things rotten and evil, its hardly surprising that he wants to get his feet wet with the Hillary Rotten Clinton campaign.  Soros has pledged over $25 million to the effort of installing Clinton into the oval office.


Soros, who has made his billions by shorting currencies (meaning, he temporarily borrowed currency, sold it off in the expecting the currency to collapse, and then profited when the currency collapsed) and betting against the success of other countries has been a vocal critic of the landmark SCOTUC decision in Citizens United vs the FEC.  In the Citizens United ruling, the Supreme Court found that the First Amendment protects unlimited spending by third parties voicing their views during an election.  If Soros thinks that this shouldn’t be allowed, why doesn’t he close up his own wallet?


As an aside, I’ve always had a hard time differentiating between George Soros and the villains from the Star Wars movies.  In fact, I am almost sure that art was imitating life when the Sith lords were introduced to the Star Wars universe.

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