Dennis Miller Busts Out A New Hillary Campaign Slogan…..OUCH!

Someting that I find to be absolutely hilarious is political humor. Mostly for the fact that a lot of the times it is rooted in a grain of truth, more often than your regular chuckle inducing jokes. Every so often, conservatives like to have a little fun (honestly, it can get rather stale when you’re hurling facts and logic at those who are seemingly incapable of comprehending facts and logic).

Libertarian-leaning comic Dennis Miller decided to take on the Clinton machine with a bit of his right-wing ad hominem — albeit, still in alignment with reality.

“Tonight, we got Kaine speaking, he’s (Hillary Clinton’s) VP. I think it lends to a great bumper sticker and I’ll give this to the Trump campaign if they want — you should have “Kaine and Unable,” Miller told Bill O’Reilly Wednesday on Fox.

 “Kaine and Unable.” That is perfection.

While some could argue that it’s a bit below the belt, many will disagree. Hillary Clinton and her cronies are some of the most corrupt and incompetent individuals in modern American political history.

The Clintons have been unable to have a respectable marriage as Bill Clinton is a serial adulterer. Hillary Clinton has been unable to delve into real policy — it seems she has an addiction to attacking GOP nominee Donald Trump. Lastly, the Democrat nominee has been unable to not sell out Americans and unable to not be a puppetfor global elites.

She is willful in her unable-ness.

America cannot afford a president who is so neglectful in her actions, someone who couldn’t care less about the people she represents. We are at the crossroads — and thankfully, our choice is clear: a corrupt, Saul Alinsky shill who’s married to a sex addict, or a man who’s turned one million dollars into billions of dollars, created tens of thousands of jobs and has an absolutely impeccable family.

Hillary Clinton and her establishment VP won’t get the job done — because they’ve never gotten the job done.

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