Cops Walked Up To Trump’s Plane And Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime!


One thing that I think is the reasoning that a great deal of law enforcement support Donald Trump is that he isn’t browbeating them every ten seconds about what horrible people they aare for lawfully shooting a criminal…Prior to departing Tampa, Florida, GOP nominee Donald Trump took time out of his Tuesday afternoon to speak, shake hands and take photos with a group of cops from the city.


Seen in a video posted to Facebook by the GOP nominee, the courtesy shown by Trump contrasted like night and day with the unrelenting disrespect that President Barack Obama prefers to shower on the nation’s law enforcement officers.

From maligning cops as racists to contemptuously dismissing their concerns, the president has made it clear that he thinks very poorly of them.

 Trump, on other other hand, views them like brothers and sisters, as this video demonstrated:

Obama does admittedly sometimes speak positively about the nation’s police officers, but it feels like he does so for PR purposes — not because he genuinely likes cops.

Consider what he said privately two weeks ago when representatives for the police told him that officers throughout the country feel as if he has not done enough historically to support them.

“(Obama) said, ‘I’ll be happy to send you all of these statements that I have made (in support of cops),’” Vice President Joe Biden admitted to CNN. “I don’t think that the (police groups) heard loudly and clearly, that, he in fact has, repeatedly, been supportive of the police organizations.”

A lot of cops in America disagree, but hey, Obama thinks he has done enough for them, and as we all know, the only thing that matters in the president’s world is what Dear Leader believes.

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