Clinton Delgate CAUGHT On Video Saying How They Will Ban Guns!

I wouldn’t trust Hillary Clinton any further than I could throw her. We have said all along that their talk about common sense gun legislation was all a buzzword for what they really want to do, a complete and total repeal of the Second Amendment. Hillary Clinton has claimed she will not try to overturn our Second Amendment rights, but an undercover video capturing statements by one of her delegates revealed the truth – and its not good news for patriots who value their gun rights.

“If your goal is an outright gun ban, you need to use terms such as ‘common sense gun legislation’ to fool the public,” Hillary Clinton delegate Mary Bayer said to a Project Veritas undercover reporter working for James O’Keefe.

The Hillary delegate went on to state the obvious, if Hillary Clinton came out and said she supported a full gun ban and the termination of Second Amendment rights, that would “piss everybody off.”

Mary Bayer also revealed during the undercover sting video, that Liberals use “moderate language” when talking about the Second Amendment in an effort to keep their true motives covert.

“You have to take that sort of moderate … ‘We just wanna have common sense legislation so our children are safe!’ You say shit like that, and then people will buy into it,” the Hillary Clinton delegate also said.

The phrase, “common sense approaches” to gun control is commonly used by Clinton while on the campaign trail.

How does Hillary plan to eliminate our gun rights?

By getting more and more Democrats elected, of course, the Clinton delegate also said.

If Donald Trump does not win the election in November, Clinton will be poised to nominate three justices to the United States Supreme Court.

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