CHUCK NORRIS Just Revealed The #1 Reason People Should Vote For Trump!

I love me some Chuck Norris, most of all because he is one of those people that seriously does not give a damn about kissing the butts of the liberal Hollywood people. Our nation exists fatigued by the spin, manipulation, and rhetorical contortions of the political class. In an era when a sitting president can arrogantly ignore the truth about a deadly enemy, and political candidates can commit crimes and not be held accountable, people are thirsty for honest, humble, effective leadership.

In a recent op-ed, Chuck Norris, Hollywood legend and martial arts champion, writes that Donald Trump is the answer to that fatigue. “I truly believe that the people who have a negative view of Trump will be pleasantly surprised when he becomes the leader of our country,” Norris wrote at “I also believe he will make positive changes that will benefit the people who need it most.”


As the election cycle continues and the Progressive mainstream media pulls out the long knives for Donald Trump, Norris’s words are important to hear. If our country is to be spared the Progressive full measure, we need to spread his words far and wide.

Norris is convinced that Trump’s true character can be surmised by that character of his family and how he relates to his children. Few can say his children are not impressive, and even then the detractors would have ulterior motives.

“Consider not only how poised and positive Trump’s adult children are but also how much they admire and respect their father,” Norris writes. “Even the liberal media, with all of its bias against Trump, cannot say a negative thing about how much his children love him, and how much he loves his children.”

In an age when the demise of the family unit has been identified as a contributing factor to almost all of our society’s ills, having someone who understands the importance of family structure, and the importance of parental roles, as our nation’s leader can only lead to cohesion.

With the presidency of Barack Obama, the product of a twice fractured home, we witnessed to evolution of a man possessing the mindset cultured by the “it takes a village to raise a child” ideology. This is a false-flag ideology that invited government into the parental roles. It also presents opportunities for government to usurp parental roles.

Today, with a person in the White House who diminishes the basic parental roles in our society, we exist as a nation at the heights of a culture war. Our nation, societally, has never been more fractured. This fracture presents along all lines as well: racial, gender, religious, financial and political.

Electing someone to office that is a true uniter – someone who unites through the preservation of equal opportunity and equal justice under the law – can only help to bring us all together. If the Trump family is any indicator of how good character reigns under Donald Trump’s leadership, he would present as the obvious remedy to our societal ills.

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