Glenn Beck is one of those people that in between some of the things that he has said about 9/11 widows all the way to the First Family you have to wonder how someone hasn’t put him away on the grounds of just being a jackass.

Even though the Boston Marathon bombing happened almost five years ago, there is still fallout from that attack. Security at outdoor events remains high, and conservative icon Glenn Beck continues to face problems over comments he made during the manhunt for the suspects.

Politico reported that a judge appointed by former President Bill Clinton recently ruled that Beck must reveal the sources behind Beck’s claim that Abdulrahman Alharbi was somehow connected to the attacks.

If Beck doesn’t comply, he could potentially face jail time for contempt of court.

Alharbi is a Saudi national who was injured during the bombing. Beck has continued to insist that Alharbi was somehow connected the attacks, citing unnamed government sources.

U.S. District Court Judge Patti Saris stated that Beck must turn over the names of the Department of Homeland Security personnel who gave Beck the information.

Saris did recognize that there were “First Amendment concerns” with the case, but said that there was a way to limit the First Amendment impact by limiting who could see the names of the sources.

“None of the documents supports the idea that Alharbi was ‘the money man’ financing the Boston Marathon attacks,” said the judge, commenting on documents she ordered released by the government in an attempt to see if Beck’s claims had any validity.

For his part, Beck appeared to be refusing to give up the names of his sources, citing the First Amendment, and implying that those sources could be killed if they stepped forward.

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