MSM DEAD SILENT After Trump Supporters HORRIFICALLY Attacked, House SHOT AT!

Nobody should be persecuted for their beliefs. People should be allowed to believe what they want to believe, provided they aren’t using those beliefs to hurt anyone.

Doc Miller and Judith Philips woke up to an unhappy surprise at their historic Denver home.

Spray painted on their home were threats, both against them and against President Donald Trump.

From Denver Channel: “MAKE RACISTS AFRAID AGAIN” and “DEATH TO TRUMP” were among the words painted on the couple’s home.

“I feel incredibly offended,” said Doc Miller.

The vandals also used a BB gun to shoot holes in the window, one of the homeowners told Denver7. “I was scared especially seeing the bullet holes,” said Judith Phillips.

She’s shocked that, “this is our country.” The couple believe they were targeted because they had Trump signs on their property during the election. This is more than a little nuts.

Who thinks this kind of action is right or justified? If one thinks that Trump is a fascist, one responds with fascistic behavior?

Meanwhile, you only hear about this on the local Denver station.

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