5 Outrageous Ways the Media Lied About Trump

President Trump slammed the media during a press conference Thursday February 16, 2017.

He took them to task over the routine way they sensationalize news stories, twist them to fit an agenda, make good things seem bad and bad things seem worse, and just generally spins the real news into questionable stories.

He chose to make announcements and updates in a press conference directly to the American people because too much of the media is not speaking to the American people as he feels they should.

1. Sinatra Song

CNN reported that Nancy Sinatra was not happy that President Trump would use her father’s song at his inauguration.

Nancy Sinatra disputed that claim herself , stating in no uncertain terms that it was not true and she never said that.

2. Trailing in Polls

Most major news outlets swore up and down that Trump trailed far behind in every poll during the primaries and they considered the idea of his winning to be laughable.

3. Trailing in Election

Even on election night itself, each news outlet furiously claimed there was no way he would win, that Clinton was the clear and obvious choice, and that she was winning the election.

4. Immigration Ban

When President Trump signed executive orders that put a hold on immigration until our country’s security procedures could be improved, the media screamed that he was racist and didn’t want certain people in our country. They completely ignored the fact that it was a temporary pause and in the best interest of securing our borders.

5. Mexico Won’t Pay

One of the biggest campaign promises President Trump made was to build a wall along the Mexican border.

The media ignored the fact that he explained Mexico will pay in one way or another. Anyone with half a brain understands this can translate into taxes, port of entry fees, import fees and so on.

Instead they ran stories about how the Mexican people were outraged and declared they wouldn’t pay for anything.

These are just a few of many examples. I personally think it’s fantastic that President Trump decided to take an alternative tack by providing news to the people directly instead of relying on the press to disseminate it for him.