We’ve FOUND More Proof That Obamacare was Full of Empty Promises

Due to high costs and unsustainability, Healthcare Insurer Humana Withdraws Coverage in 11 States, and will be fully exited from the Obamacare system by the end of 2017.

In 2016 Humana was providing coverage options in 1351 counties across 19 states. They reduced that in 2017 to just 156 counties in 11 states, plus they raised rates in the areas they were providing coverage. After analyzing the data and future projections though, they’ve come to the conclusion that they are unable to sustain the Obamacare model.

There are not enough healthy people to balance out the number of sick people and the company is unable to sustain those losses.

Humana is the only Obamacare provider in several counties in the state of Tennessee, and it’s one of just two providers in several other states.

The announcement from Humana comes at the same time Aetna’s CEO Mark Bertolini told the Wall Street Journal that Obamacare is “… in a death spiral.” Aetna is one of four other insurance companies that reduced it’s coverage in Obamacare this year, and they’re believed to be considering a complete withdrawal by 2018 as well.

One of President Trumps campaign promises was to replace and repeal the so called “Affordable Care Act” because most of what it has done so far is to punish law abiding citizens for the choices of others. The promises made were broken. Did you get to keep your doctor? Did your health insurance become more affordable?

Initially some things looked great, and I don’t think any of us argues that the preexisting conditions rule was helpful. But so much more of the promises were complete crap.

They were so far off that it makes you wonder how much were outright lies as a way to get people to agree to put the law into place.

The Trump administration has been working furiously to repeal and replace the failed system, and Trump made excellent initial moves by creating an executive order that prevents the IRS from enforcing fines and penalties on Americans who have not signed up for an Obamacare insurance plan. The administration is expected to have additional new rules and changes to the system implemented as the replacement systems are being designed.