What Part of ILLEGAL Do Liberals NOT UNDERSTAND?

Twitter is all afflutter with the idea of creating a #DayWithoutImmigrants campaign for Thursday February 16, 2017. And if you believe many so-called news outlets, major cities around the country are preparing for massive gridlock and a general shut down of just about everything.

The call for action is basically a call for a boycott of life. The flyer says to not go to work, not go to school, not go shopping, not eat out, not buy gas and so on.

So let me get this straight. You are breaking the law and you want to make life even harder for yourself in protest of not getting away with breaking the law?

It doesn’t even make sense that legal immigrants would strike, because most of them are pissed off at illegals too. Anyone who is a legal immigrant in this country is welcome and embraced with open arms. They get ticked off that illegal immigrants are trying to get away with breaking the law. Why should an illegal be allowed to get away with that when a legal immigrant went through all the hard work and paid their dues?

If you’re not Native American, you or your ancestors were once immigrants in this country. America is a melting pot made up of immigrants from many different countries. But there are laws and processes that need to be followed in order to be a legal immigrant in this country.

In his first 100 days in office, President Trump signed executive action orders that were focused on enforcing our laws. Our country is being overrun by people who are living here illegally. There is no documentation on who they are, where they came from or what they’re up to, and that presents a massive danger to our country’s security.

President Trump’s actions are not aimed at immigrants who live here legally. No one is trying to punish someone for being born in another country. We’re simply trying to stem the outrageous and dangerous tide of people who are breaking in to our home.

Yes when someone comes into this country without authorization, that’s the equivalent of breaking into our home. If someone breaks into your home, if they’re lucky you won’t shoot them. Instead, you will call the cops and have them arrested, right? And every one of those damn protestors and boycotters would do the same thing!

So go ahead, have your so called day without immigrants. If you’re here legally you’re wasting your breath and shooting yourself in the foot because you’re the one who will be out a day’s pay, or get your kid a mark on their record for having an unexcused absence. For all of the illegals, no problem… we’re happy to give you a little more rope.