President Trump PERFECTLY Defended The Immigration Order With 9 Simple Words!

I like someone that says something and has the courage to back it up. That’s basically Donald Trump in a nutshell here.

Donald Trump met with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau at the White House today and things seem to have gone pretty well. The two leaders are clearly not big fans of each other but they seem like they will be able to work together anyway.

I bet that’s driving the mainstream media nuts.

Trump said something interesting today that has been overlooked by a lot of people.

He was talking about his executive order on immigration that liberals are losing their minds about and it only took 9 words to sum things up perfectly.

From Breitbart: At their joint press conference on Monday, the most interesting exchange dealt with President Trump’s executive order on immigration, and his commitment to protect the borders of the United States. Trump defended his policy by noting, “I’m just doing what I said I would do when we won by a very, very large Electoral College vote – and I knew that was going to happen.”


Where is all the surprise coming from?

Trump won by saying he would do exactly what he is doing.

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