After Dissing Ivanka, SCOTT BAIO Steps Up And Tells Nordstrom, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Folks, I had to drive to a mall yesterday to return something. For the record, it was a broken toaster oven. Anyway, I found a parking spot at what I thought was a relatively close distance to the store I needed to get to.

Turns out I was wrong. As it happened, the entrance that I thought I was supposed to go into was closed for renovations. The only other spot that I could access the mall from where I was at that moment was a Nordstrom…

Let me tell you all what I did. I got back into my car with this heavy ass toaster oven and drove to the other side of the mall. I spent about ten minutes looking for a parking spot.

When I FINALLY got the parking spot, I had to walk about five minutes to get to the entrance and then walk another few minutes to get to the store and then repeat the process again once I’d returned the toaster oven.

All in all, I spent maybe an extra twenty minutes to a half hour to talk the long way when I could have cut through the original entrance. THAT is how much I don’t want to have anything to do with Nordstrom right now…

Actor Scott Baio, a known President Donald Trump supporter, said on Twitter that he is dropping Nordstrom after the department store dropped ties with Ivanka Trump.

Though the retailer cited declining sales, the move coincided with calls for a boycott against stores that carry any products related to the Trump family.

In the tweet, Baio included a photo of his store statement, showing he had spent more than $30,000 this past year at Nordstrom.

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