General Flynn resigns as Trump’s national security adviser; Liberal Media Ready to Pounce!

Just three weeks into the Trump administration, Michael Flynn has resigned as national security adviser.

Mr. Flynn issued a statement Monday night announcing that he would leave the post because after several days of reporting about Mr. Flynn’s ties to Russia, including having lied to Vice President Mike Pence about having spoken to Russian officials about U.S. sanctions during the transition.

According to CNN, retired Gen. David Petraeus will be “coming in” Tuesday to discuss the position.

Retired Gen. Keith Kellogg, a national-security official with the Trump transition team, is acting as national security adviser for now and is a candidate for the permanent post, CNN reported.

CNN reporter Gloria Borger said on the air, citing “an administration source” that “a flood of information,” including that the Justice Department had warned the White House that Mr. Flynn may be compromised, meant that “in the end, the dam burst.”