President Trump Is Sending A Clear Message To Welfare Mooches….The GRAVY TRAIN IS OVER!

I went to the grocery store yesterday and I saw something that I think many of you have likely seen before. I was in line at the checkout counter and there was this woman in front of me that had what looked like a brand new iPhone. One of the ones that most of us would end up selling a kidney to have to afford.

Anyway, I’m standing there and something drops out of her purse…It was a damn EBT card. Let me ask you folks something, if you are telling the state that you cannot feed yourself without help; WHY IN THE HELL DO YOU HAVE A CELL PHONE!

We spend trillions on freeloaders every year, but that looks like it may finally come to an end… or at least start getting under control.

President Trump is eliminating waste in the Lifeline program, which includes communications. He’s going after the so-called Obamaphones. The Lifeline program was actually initiated by Reagan and advanced by both George 43 and Obama.

The original concept was to give those in poverty a means by which to communicate. In theory, that sounds okay, but like most things run by career politicians, the program has gotten outrageously out of control.

Trump has set new Federal Communications Commission chairman, Ajit Pai, with getting to the bottom of the program and making it more efficient. When people in the system are walking arodn with $600 iPhones, there is a problem.

Why is this program so abused and how did it get so out of control? One word… Obama. His lack of budgeting and control have never been more obvious than they are in this program.

A budget actually would have been a good start, but there does not seem to be one in place. That will be Pai’s first course of duty to get this under control.

During Obama’s terms, the number of people dependent on the government skyrocketed. They like it that way. Why cap the support of the government, when such situations keep people voting for Democrats?

To be clear, Director Pai isn’t looking to put poor people in a worse spot, “At the end of the day, my focus has been — and will continue to be so long as I have the privilege of serving as the Chairman of the FCC — doing everything within the FCC’s power to close the digital divide.” But, that divide does not have to be closed with a high-end phone. A $25 burner will more than do the job for emergency phone calls.

When there’s less fraud in the system, there’s more resources for those who truly need the help. President Trump’s more general aim is in line with this. He wants to help those who are dependent on the government to find a way to independence. You see, he sees them not as votes but as people. Human beings.

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