After Being Called Out For Posting Blatant Lies, Buzzfeed’s CEO Responds…And Boy Does It Get Ugly…

I remember when I was younger, we had a small town local newspaper that published once a week. Most of the stories in it were of local importance, what was going on with the township supervisor and things like that.

One time, they got a story wrong where they said that they got the name of the college wrong that the head of the local community theater had attended. They printed an apology that was about a half a page long. This small town paper that was probably seen by no more than a few hundred people at a time has more journalistic integrity than the troglodytes at Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed dropped a bomb of a fake news story Tuesday night alleging a dossier showing Trump connections to Russia.

Other media rightfully set upon them, noting that the alleged dossier had not reported by other media because there was no support for any of the allegations.

Even the very liberal NY Times criticized Buzzfeed saying they, the Times, would not have published the information.

Buzzfeed did not take the criticism well, with CEO Jonah Peretti (who bears a stunning resemblance to the infamous Pajama Boy) saying “We are not going to respond to these divisive comments.”


No, Buzzfeed, it isn’t “newsworthy” if there are no facts to support it.

No, you are not in good company.

Even the NY Times has castigated your lack of journalistic ethics.

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