A Big GLARING Error In Buzzfeed’s Trump Hatchetjob Just Got Exposed Big Time!

Want to give you all a comparison on something. When I was in the Navy, I visited Spain a few times. That is an undeiable fact.

However, there might be someone else named James Richards out there in the vast landscape of the United States that has never visited Spain. See where I am going here?

Buzzfeed decided to publish a story about Donald Trump that was so fake that I am honestly surprised it didn’t include something about slaying actual dragons in it.

In the fake news story by Buzzfeed, there were supposedly a secret meeting between the Russians and Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, over the summer in Prague.

Michael Cohen protested vociferously that he had never been to Prague in his life, even tweeting a copy of his passport. Jake Tapper reports that it wasn’t even the same Michael Cohen who was in Prague.  Twitchy has also debunked the story.

Twitchy reports that Cohen was actually in California at the time when the supposed secret meeting took place on August 29, 2016. Cohen was visiting U.S.C. to explore it as a college for his son.

Twitchy points out the geotags from Cohen’s tweets at the time, showing location.

People at the college also reported Cohen was in fact there.



Just unbelievable what media will publish in the effort to attack Trump.

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