Want To Get Out From Under The Mainstream Media’s Thumb, Become A Writer For A Great Family Of Websites!

Hey Everyone, I want to send a note out there to let you all know that a great family of sites is looking for contributors. Mad Patriots, Nutbar Factor, Whistleblower411 and Trump Insurrection are all looking for contributors. We want to give you a voice, seeing as how the mainstream media keeps trying to put a gag over our mouths on a constant basis.

What they’d like to see, are people that are willing to send out one or two articles a day of a few hundred words each on a political topic of your choosing. In exchange, they can offer a link to your Facebook profile so your readers can communicate with you and so all your friends can see the great work you are doing. All they’d ask is that you post a link to the article on your Facebook page itself.

So if any of you want to take this offer up to become a contributor on this excellent network of websites that is dedicated to getting the actual truth out there instead of the regurgitated nonsense the mainstream media tries to cram down our throats; send me a message directly through the link at the bottom and I will get you in touch with the managers of each site. Thanks, and keep your ears and eyes open.

Become A Contributor!