When BLM THUGS Interrupted The Sessions Hearing, Ted Cruz Had An Absolutely Epic Response!

If you asked liberals what was meant by the words peaceful transfer of power, they would think that it means going into Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing and act like a bunch of braying jackasses.

Clearly, Sessions is more than qualified and he has been answering the absurd questions from Democrats in a dignified manner. They are trying their very best to smear him as a racist bigot but his track record simply doesn’t line up with that idea.

The liberal left has given up trying to act like adults when it comes to Donald Trump so there were several interruptions during this hearing and it isn’t even over yet. Some lovely BLM protesters showed up and tried to crash the party.

Here’s what went down followed by the response from Ted Cruz: Shortly after Cruz began questioning Trump’s attorney general nominee, a man began shouting “Never Jeff Sessions! You are a racist!” As Capitol Police escorted the man from the room, he continued to yell, “black lives matter! Black lives matter!”

Shortly after the first outburst, a woman, a second man AND a second woman were subsequently escorted from the Senate Chamber.

Before continuing his line of questioning, Cruz noted that “free speech is a wonderful thing.”

Ted was on fire today.

Here’s a clip of him doing work.

It’s going to be fun watching Ted Cruz in the Senate the next few years.

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