What An MTV HACK Said About Jeff Sessions’ Granddaughter Is So AWFUL, A CNN Anchor Stepped Up To Say SHUT UP!

I can’t stand Barack Obama, he isn’t on my Christmas card list to say the very least.

Michelle Obama isn’t either. However, throughout the entire brainfart that has been the past eight years I have not said one thing about their children. The reason why? Because they are kids and they didn’t choose this. Children, unless they interject themselves into the political arena should be kept off limits.

Sen. Jeff Sessions had his confirmation hearing today. He faced a barrage of questions from Democrats trying to attack him.

He also had to deal with leftist protesters in the gallery trying to disrupt the proceedings. But perhaps the worst attack of the day was from an MTV ‘culture writer’ Ira Madison III attacking Sessions for holding his granddaughter, whose father is Asian.

Madison tweeted to Sessions that he should return the child to the “Toys-R-Us” from which he “stole” it, saying there was no reason for Sessions to have the child there except to push an “I’m not a racist” message. Madison accused Sessions of using her like a prop.

He even went so far as to say that Americans have used Asians as “model minorities” since the Civil Rights Act.


Madison faced a barrage of criticism and deleted his tweets.

Perhaps the best response came from CNN’s Jake Tapper who took Madison to task.

It is traditional to bring family members to such hearings.

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