This Is How Protesters Plan To Trip Up Trump’s Inauguration!

I was sitting eating a hamburger the other night with my wife and I was trying to explain to her all of the nonsense that is surrounding the inauguration. She didn’t understand all the way how so many of these entitled liberals seriously think that simply with a little sunshine and wishes they can keep the actual inauguration from happening.

I told her, quite simply, that this is a generation of people that have never been told no, were told they were special even when they weren’t and got pushed ahead when they probably should have been held back.

Now, when I explained to her than anarchists actually think that they are going to stop the election she almost choked. Once she was able to breathe again she asked me what business do anarchists have protesting the results of an election?

Anarchists who believe “the peaceful transition of power is a threat to all of us” are planning to lead thousands of protesters to Washington next week to ruin Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The group, called #DisruptJ20, is planning protests in cities nationwide on Jan. 20, but the protests in Washington would receive the most attention if the protesters’ plans succeed. Organizer Legba Carrefour told the Washington Examiner the protesters’ preparations began in June and are culminating in what they call “Operation Clusterf*ck.” 7

The #DisruptJ20 group is providing housing for 1,000 participants thus far and is working with other groups for its protest.

“We’re not making the argument that we’re going to stop the inauguration; that is a physical impossibility,” Carrefour said. “We are making the argument that we can ruin the notion that this is a peaceful transition of power.”

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