HUH? Whoopi Saying That Conservatives Kept Her From Making A Living…

I heard an old saying once that sort of fits the occasion. I may be getting the phrasing incorrect but the general sentiment is, “don’t get caught with a load of bread under each arm complaining that you’re starving.”

This must be the time for extra-special rants from Hollywood types. First, Meryl Streep throws fit at the Golden Globes in a mad rant at President-elect Donald Trump. Now, Whoopi basically loses her mind. Wait, in the Seventies, Hollywood was run by “right-leaning” groups?

That should come as a surprise to anyone who was alive or knows anything about the period.

Hollywood in the Seventies was already well left. Hollywood hasn’t been run by right-leaning groups since at least the early 1960s and probably more the 1950s.

“Actors have a different way of looking at stuff,” Whoopi says. I agree, and that’s part of the problem with many, not an excuse. Hollywood actors tend to be quite self-centered and to believe they have the right to preach to ordinary Americans. Whoopi can’t recall one right-leaning person who has ever lost his job for being a right leaning person? Conservatives have been underground in Hollywood at least since the Eighties or they would not even get a job to lose.

To say that conservatives somehow deprived her of making a living is nonsense. Whoopi is one of the highest paid women in the history of Hollywood. She’s worth $45 million, according to some estimates.

If that’s not being able to make a living, give me some of that! Finally she says that Danny Glover and Sean Penn “ate a lot of poop” during the Bush administration?

Once again, both those people made a ton of money during the Bush administration and were not impeded from getting work.

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