Canada’s PM Snubs Trump Inaguartion, What Conway Did In Reponse Is Pure Genius!

If I were able, I would attend the inauguration if not for the fact that you are witnessing an amazing moment in history. While some may not agree with Donald Trump on everything, and we’ll pray for them on that, it’s common courtesy to attend if you are an elected official anywhere in the world.

Now, if you are unable to attend, you better have a damn good excuse like being in New Zealand for example. Last I checked, it was about a twenty three hour fight. Canada, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Depending on what part of Canada you are in, you could eat breakfast in your own home and be in DC by airplane for lunch. When Canada decided to make Justin Trudeau their prime minister, a lot of people were surprised. For starters, the guy has absolutely no business running a lemonade stand let alone a country.

In fact, he is already in hot water for possible ethics violations. He’s also a radical leftist. I’m not exaggerating there either.  He basically had a meltdown when Fidel Castro died.  That tells you everything you need to know.

Apparently, Trudeau is thumbing his nose on his greatest ally and not attending Trump’s inauguration. That’s fine. But don’t expect Kellyanne Conway to like it…

From The Daily Caller: President-elect Donald Trump’s recently appointed counselor Kellyanne Conway has cancelled her plans to visit with Canadian business executives last week. Conway was scheduled to speak at a dinner in Calgary, Alberta hosted by the Alberta Prosperity Fund.

“I can tell you that Ms. Conway’s office and our own have tried every option at our disposal to make this work and, unfortunately, a visit is just not possible at this time,” said Barry McNamar, the fund’s president, in a news release on Saturday.

McNamar did not return calls by The Daily Caller on Sunday to clarify the reason for the cancellation.

On Friday Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office confirmed that he will not be attending the Trump inauguration on Jan. 20 and will instead embark on a coast to coast tour of rural Canada.

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